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Welcome to regcode.com!  THE place to store your registration codes, serial numbers, affiliate account ID's, activation codes, and other "registration" codes!
Why look in this paper mess when all you need to do is point your browser to regcode.com!

Service Highlights
Have you ever lost a registration code, software serial number, or affiliate account ID?

How often have you installed software, and spent valuable time trying to find the code just to use your software or setup an affiliate link on your web site?

With regcode.com, you have an off-site repository for all your codes, keys, serials, and ID numbers available to you 24 hours per day.
  • Access to your codes anytime, from anywhere.
    From your home, from your office, from a hotel room, and even from your client's data center;  you won't be caught saying "Oh, no!  I left the registration code in my office!"

  • User defined browse-only access to your account.
    Allow key personnel to have BROWSE ONLY access to your entries.  Make the information available to your support staff while you retain control over the data.  This is ideal for enterprise style licensing.

  • Direct deposit from participating vendors.
    Utilize our "Deposit Only" security selection and allow authorized software vendors and retailers to make a deposit directly to your account.

    Only authorized vendors are allowed to utilize this functionality.  We prescreen all vendor applications before creating a vendor account for use with Direct Deposit.

  • Sign Up Now.
    Next time you are upgrading, reinstalling, recovering, or migrating software, you will be very happy that you made use of REGCODE.COM services. 

  • What are these registration codes and serial numbers?
    Click here to find out.
If you have ever spent more than 2 minutes looking for a software registration code or serial number, you weren't using regcode.com.
"A solution born out of necessity may appear as pure genius."
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