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At regcode.com, the issue of privacy is not an option.  Privacy is a requirement!

We at RGE, Inc. pride ourselves on the level of privacy we provide to all of our customers and the simplicity of our privacy statement.

Statement - Our Promise to You:
RGE, Inc. WILL NOT, unless required by law, release, sell, or otherwise distribute our customers' personal information to outside sources.

Internally, we may utilize the data on our servers and web traffic reports to reformat the web pages that you see and display options and advertisements that may better suite your needs.

With any RGE, Inc. product or service, you don't need to worry about the information you provide to us being sold to outside sources.

Permission Request Required Policy:
If, for any reason, RGE, Inc. desires to release personal contact information, approval of the account holder MUST be obtained prior to the release of the information.  The request MUST contain the requestor's information, the data that will be released, and the purpose for which the request is being made.

Example: In our software division, we are often asked for "References" regarding the usability, stability, and satisfaction of our products.  Because our policy does not allow the release of contact information to outside sources, we will forward the requestor's information to our customer.  

You, as a customer, then have three choices:
1.  Decline the release of information.
2.  Contact the requesting party yourself.
3.  Approve the release of the stated information.

Quite simply, you control your information.

RegCode.Com Specific Policies:
Due to the nature of this site, registration information will NEVER be released by RGE, Inc. except to the currently logged in customer who should have rights to view the information.

RGE will never generate a request to release registration information.  If you receive such a request, please contact us immediately as the request is most likely fraudulent.

Legal - Law Enforcement:
As stated in our TOS, RGE, Inc. will provide local and federal law enforcement agencies with information when required by law.  If you plan on using this site for illegal activities, you are not protected by with our privacy policy.

We log activity on our servers for security and legal purposes.


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