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Vendor Participation Information
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Because there is always something more you can do for your customer.

With the REGCODE.COM's Direct Deposit Vendor Access Program (DDVAP), you can deposit registration information directly to your customers' REGCODE.COM account.

Each customer account can utilize a "deposit-only" password that they (the customer) can provide to vendors when registering or purchasing software.  Once you are given the email address (Customer ID) and the password, you can deposit the customer registration information.

This provides a value added service to your customer as well as insuring accuracy with regards to the actual registration information.

You, as a vendor, need only request the customer's regcode.com email address and deposit-only password.  Then, either manually or automatically, post the required information to our site and the customer will immediately be notified of the deposit.

Some of the advantages of DDVAP include:
  • Reduce undeliverable email registrations.
  • Reduce misdirected email registrations.
  • Insure accuracy by eliminating transposition errors during entry.
  • You can refer the customer to their regcode.com account when they inquire about a lost or unavailable registration code.
  • Help minimize the potential for customer aggravation due to incomplete or outdated registrant information.

As a shareware vendor, RGE, Inc. understands the frustration that a customer might feel when the original registration information does not match with the current company or personnel information available.

Even if you do not take advantage of our DDVAP, referring your customers to REGCODE.COM registration code repository will show them that you care and that you take pro-active measures to help your customers get the most out of their newly purchased products.

The first time your customer re-installs the software and forgets where they put the serial number, they will think about you when they head on over to regcode.com - even if they are reinstalling another vendor's software package. 

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