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What is a "Registration Code"

A "Registration Code", "Serial Number", "License Key", "Activation Code", and many other terms all refer to basically the same thing; to signify the legal right to use the software installed on your computer.

Please - an explanation.
If you have purchased and installed software recently, it is quite likely that you were prompted to enter some sort of "Code" or "Key" or "Proof of Purchase", either during the installation, or when you first launched the new software.

A prime example is Windows(tm).  Whether your computer came with Windows pre-installed, or you had to install it yourself, you may have been prompted for an "OEM" identification code before you could continue. That number wasn't something most people want or need to memorize.

In many cases, you will even be told where this code can "normally" be found.  Places like "On the CDROM Case", "On the original packaging", "Enclosed in an envelope you received", "Previously received via email", and many other locations.

Every now and again, you may be forced to do something like re-install the software, upgrade to a new version, restore your software due to a hard-drive crash, and myriad other activities.

To your surprise, you are greeted with the inevitable prompt "Please enter your registration code...".

Why are they used?
Registration Codes, License Keys, and Serial Numbers are used for a single purpose.  Proof of purchase and prevention of software piracy.  These are the codes that make your software LEGAL!  

Just in case you were not aware of this fact, copying software from a friend and "borrowing" their registration codes or serial numbers is against the law.

Serial Numbers also allow vendors to distribute their software over the internet as "trial-ware" or  "Shareware".  This allows you evaluate the key features of the software before plunking down cash, thereby insuring that the software you are purchasing works properly for you.

When you are ready to purchase the software, you may then be sent a "Registration Code" or serial number to fully activate the software or remove the "Time Trial" period.

As this method of software distribution becomes more and more prevalent, you will be flooded with 100's (if not thousands) of keys, codes, serial numbers, and etc. to keep safe and sound. 

And how does RegCode.com help?
You never know when you will need your registration code;

Request technical support?
Get a discount on an upgraded version?
Install an upgraded version of the software?
Re-Install your current version to add options?
Maybe you just bought a new computer and you want to migrate all your software?

You can dig through stacks and stacks of receipts, license certificates, printed email, original packaging, and even all those little labels stuck to your monitor for the right code - OR - you can surf on over to regcode.com, login, and get your the code you need.

It gets even better in a corporate environment.

Business entities commonly purchase Enterprise licenses allowing them to install software on multiple machines using the same code.  

This is a fantastic option for many companies until you find yourself in Indianapolis and your codes are locked in the safe in Seattle, and the CTO wants an impromptu demonstration of the software you just licensed for 5,000$US but have not yet deployed to the Indianapolis location. 

The proof?
If you think hard enough, you will remember installing a piece of software that required a registration code.  Now, how quickly can you get your eyes on the codes?

If your system crashed today, would you have all your codes available?

Do you carry ALL of the registration codes to ALL the software installed on your notebook just in case you need to reinstall, upgrade, or request technical support?

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